Established since 2014.

In We Enjoy Simplicity, we truly believe in “less is more”. We live with simple rules – spend a beautiful simple day, everyday. Waking up and spent your day in the simplest way may sounds boring to others, but we learn to enjoy simple little things that matters, from there we fill our daily lives with laughters, it is all we look forward to everyday.

Trust us to bring you on an amazing simplicity journey – a simple noon break (day dreaming) spent with scented candles and journal writings; a simple conversation (morning greetings) that took the daily stress off our mind; a simple dress up (plain dress) to stop most worryings on how you look today; a simple getaway trip (relaxing) to the nearest coast for a breather.

It is also our simplest dream to set that joy of a little girl insides everyone of us free when you receive our sourced/made-with-love products. From deets to products, we hope you are filled with our warmest regards.

As we quoted “We Enjoy Simplicity”.