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About Us


Established since 2017.


Our philosophy

In We Enjoy Simplicity, we are a strong believer in “less is more”. We dedicated our life and time to build minimalist wardrobes and invest in garments that we will keep for a lifetime. Some of us are just born to be attracted to simple needs and found beauty in them.

We enrich your daily life by simplifying the details of your life-wear. Simplify as we go; we let go, focus, love and design the beauty of simplicity because We Enjoy Simplicity.

Our take in Slow Fashion and Gender-Neutral.
Often when you hear about the “Slow Fashion”, it is likely to associate with timeless, versatility and comfortability. Focusing on “Slow fashion” trend allows us to introduce thoughtful and intentional collections. Pieces are designed and made to last longer than trends, encouraging a sustainable wardrobe. Our WES Label collection allows us to showcase our take in “Slow Fashion” perfectly.
We also love a good mixture of “Feminine” and “Gender Neutral” element in our collection, because we believed every woman has both feminine and neutral sides in them. As a woman, you don’t have to limit yourself to only be feminine because it is socially coded. You can be both feminine and masculine at the same time. Being Gender Neutral is nothing out of peculiar, but honesty towards yourself. Be what you want and change as you like.


We Enjoy Simplicity-Label collection #madebywes

WES Label #madebywes is an exclusively designed collection by our team and manufactured by a small factory partner oversea. All WES Label collection is designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. They are mostly manufactured in small batches (less than 50pcs per design) where we don’t overproduce them.

Our production process also involves less fabric waste as we usually practice a 1 roll fabric production where fabric is fully utilized and maximized until only a little fabric waste is produced. This also leaves no loose or leftover fabric in the market as loose fabric are often difficult to discard.

In design, we focused on the functionality and versatility element to ensure the design does not go out of trend easily. On certain collection design, fabric choice plays a part in our sustainability practice too like Linen – made of natural fibre. We hope our #madebywes collection could bring a more conscious life-wear message to our customer.


About We Enjoy Simplicity-Select collection #wesselect

#wesselect is a carefully sourced collection by our team. In our selection process, we usually prioritize the comforts of the overall fitting and fabric, workmanship and functionality to ensure only quality products are available on the rack.