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About Us


Established since 2017.


Our philosophy

We Enjoy Simplicity is a locally born online fashion boutique, based in Selangor, Malaysia. As our brand name spells, we love things and matters that are uncomplicated. Some of us are just born to be attracted to simple needs and found the beauty in it. We also believed that everyone is unique! Even the same item can be worn differently by everyone. We wish that through our introduction on simplicity style, it could help to ease everyone’s process in presenting their own unique colour.
Our collection has a mixture of “Feminine” and “Gender Neutral” element, because we believed every women has both feminine and neutral sides in them.
Although our overall branding may be labelled as “Slow Fashion”, however we believed that slow fashion means more sustainable wardrobe, and because they are timeless, they can be worn for a longer period and never goes out of style easily compared to other fast fashion trend.

In We Enjoy Simplicity, we truly believe in “less is more”. We focus on the versatility and functionality of our design to aim for a comfortable and timeless collection.

We take care the details of your outfit and enrich your daily life. Simplify as we go, we let go, focus, love and design the beauty of simplicity because We Enjoy Simplicity.


About We Enjoy Simplicity-Label collection #madebywes


#madebywes is an exclusively designed collection by our team and manufactured by a small factory partner in oversea. All #madebywes collection is designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. They are mostly manufactured in small batches (less than 50pcs per design) with the advantage of less fabric waste and factory workers are responsibly paid. In design, we focused on the functionality and versatility element to ensure the design does not go out of trend easily. On certain collection design, fabric choice plays a part in our sustainability practice too like Linen – made of natural fibre. We hope our #madebywes collection could bring a more conscious wear message to our customer.


About We Enjoy Simplicity-Select collection #wesselect


#wesselect is a carefully sourced collection by our team. In our selection process, we usually prioritize the comfortness of the overall fitting and fabric, workmanship and functionality to ensure only quality products are available on the rack.