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In We Enjoy Simplicity, we are a strong believer in “less is more”. Some of us are just born to be attracted to simple needs and found beauty in them. We dedicate ourselves into creating life-wear that we will keep for a lifetime and have been on a mission to build sustainable minimalist wardrobes ever since 2017.

We enrich your daily life by simplifying the details of your life-wear. Simplify as we go; we are letting go more, focusing on only importance to create the beauty of simplicity because We Enjoy Simplicity.


Slow Urban Living & Fashion

Slow Living can be a choice of lifestyle in amidst of urbanization too. This lifestyle is all about consuming less, focusing on importance, taking a slower pace towards life and enjoying simple things in life. Being inspired by Slow Living, we chose to introduce thoughtful and intentional Slow Fashion collections that goes beyond season.

Often when people think of “Slow Fashion”, they are more likely to relate to Linen inspired outfits trends only. We would like to think otherwise. We draw inspiration from urban city textures and lifestyles into our designs, creating suitable looks for modern city livings. As most people spend their life in urban, it only makes sense that styles should adapt too.

Gender Neutral

We have always loved a good mixture of “Feminine” and “Gender Neutral” element in our collection, because we believed every woman constantly swap between feminine and charming sides. As a woman, you don’t have to limit yourself to only be feminine because it is socially coded. Being Gender Neutral is nothing out of peculiar, but honesty towards yourself. Be what you want and change as you like. Over the years we have been experimenting with our styles and started to expand our Gender Neutral collection since 2020 to cater across gender with new unisex styles.

Striving for long lifespan clothing, what better way to prolong clothing lifespan when we can hand down or even share our clothing to both genders of our family, friends and loved ones. One design for two genders, imagine how much wastage we can prevent from overproduction.

Minimalist Aesthetic

As a brand with strong Simplicitist entity, we design and produce pieces focusing on Minimalist Aesthetic that captures the “less is more” appeal. We want to inspire you to prioritize shopping for pieces that will not only last for lifetime but will also get better with age. We consider every details of our products from colour palette and silhouette, to thoughful details, fine fabrics and interesting textures. Creating simple staple styles that made up sustainable wardrobe to withstand the test of time has been our lifelong mission.


Sustainable Wardrobe Modal

There are many ways to practice sustainable fashion. But one that doesn’t involve breaking your bank is Sustainable Wardrobe. In WES, our goals is simple, to create timeless and versatile design that are likely to be kept in your wardrobe for a very long time. When garments in your wardrobe has higher repeat wearing, this also means that you are consuming less.

Raw Materials & Production

We work with a small factory partner. Our garments are manufactured in small batches where we do not overproduced them. As tempting as bigger quantity production are relatively a lot lower cost but workers work tirelessly while being paid lesser. Hence we insist on smaller quantity production while we pay far higher for the clothing cost to ensure our partnered factory workers are getting paid fairly.

During fabric choosing process, our design team balance our fibre selection between durable and natural fibre as we hope our pieces can accompany you for a very long time while having lesser impact on mother nature.

Connecting Garment Lifespan Loop

In keeping up with our sustainable effort, rather than slashing huge price tag on aged inventory or defects, we started embracing Upcycle modal since 2021 as a more circular approach, by adding value to old garments, breathing second life. Not only it is greener, but also helping to prolong a garment lifespan.

Heading towards Greener Packaging

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our packaging in terms of green conscious. 90% of our packaging are plastic free, and we are working hard towards converting the remaining soon. We consider our packaging material based on a selection criteria of weather-proof, reducing wastage and easy wastage handling. By opting packaging with minimal branding, we encourage all our packaging to be reuse and repurpose.

We Enjoy Simplicity-Select collection #wesselect

Available only in limited time. #wesselect is a carefully sourced affordable range collection compared to #WESlabel. In our selection process, we prioritized the comforts of the overall fitting and fabric, workmanship and functionality to ensure only quality products are available on the rack. Meanwhile, we aim to introduce only designs that are simplicity and likely to not go out of trend easily just to encourage higher repeat wearing and sustainable wardrobe.