Avoid missing out your parcel delivery and save your shipping fee by opting our Local Pick Up for your order!

This is a self service pick up. Full payment is  to be made priorly through Online Banking / Bank Deposit / ATM Transfer. Any balance from your payment will be stored as store credit points as cash refund is not available.

Pick Up Location: POP – The School @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Who/Where to Pick Up from: At the POP Cashier Counter.

Operation hours: 10am – 10pm, open on all days in a week.

Steps to place for Local Pick Up order

  1. Add your items to shopping cart.
  2. Choose “Local Pick Up” at the shipping option, and make sure it’s zero charges.
  3. Check out your order and complete your payment within 24 hours.
  4. After your payment is confirmed, an email regarding your order status and pick up info will be sent to you. We will process and drop off your order at our Pop Up booth @Jaya One on our next visit (normally once a week). A text or email will be sent to you once your parcel is ready for collection.

How to pick up your order at our pop up booth Pop Market @Jaya One?

  1. Visit Pop @ Jaya One
  2. Go to the Cashier Counter (there is only one Cashier counter), and let any staff on-duty to know that you are picking up your order from We Enjoy Simplicity (WES). Inform your Name (as per input on your order) and Order Number to the staff for verification.
  3. Ensure your parcel sealed is not broken. If it is broken, kindly check whether if there is anything missing from your parcel. If yes, please inform us, and we shall make an arrangement.
  4. After picking up your parcel, kindly drop us a rest-assure text, appreciating it much.
  5. *** If you would like to open your parcel, kindly do it so outside of POP market.
  6. That’s it! We hope you love what you have purchased.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Kindly pick up your parcel within 10 days from the drop off date. Any unclaimed parcel after 10 days will be retrieved back from our pop up. Any unclaimed order by owner after 30 days, your order shall be cancelled and no refund shall be provided.
  2. Any return/exchange request must be apply via online only. Drop off of your return/exchange is available at POP by Jaya One as well. Refund will be made in only store credit points form – non transferable to cash. Should you wish to purchase at our pop up @Jaya One, kindly pay at the cashier, no online store credit points is transferable.


If i would like to exchange my current online order with something else, can i visit your pop up @ Jaya One and exchange them directly on ground?

Our apologies that we couldn’t processed such request. Exchange request on all online order is to be applied via online only. You may make your new purchase at our pop up @Jaya One and pay at the cashier, however it won’t be consider as your exchange-to item. Once your exchange request is accepted, refund will be made in store credit points form only, and it is non transferable to be used for your purchase at our pop up.