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Mindful Mask Chain DIY Guideline

“Turning mindfulness into simplicity practice”
☁️ Let’s enjoy some quality simplicity times on this quiet afternoon.

Let’s get started!

You will need these tools:

– Small bowls or containers
– A plate or tray
– Long nose plier (preferably a small ones)
– Scissor
– Binder Clip (or any type of clip)
– Ruler (optional)

Estimated duration to complete: 1 hour

1. Pour all beads into separate bowl.

2. Plan your beads arrangement design in advance to have a rough visualize of the final outcome.
Tips: To make your design plannings easier, separate your arrangement by 10cm – 15cm per section. Recommended standard total length of your mask chain is 50cm – 60cm. Or you can just wing it randomly, let your randomness take over.

3. Make a loose knot at one of the string end and use binder clip to secure it.

4. Start beading your designs. Once you’re nearing the end, make sure to leave enough length to allow the finishing.

5. Insert 2x stopper beads at the end.

6. Insert 1x lobster clasp on top of the stopper beads.

7. Insert the string end back through the stopper beads and pull to tighten until satisfy.
Tips: Leave some spaces for the lobster clasp to be in better movement.

8. Use your long nose plier to flatten the stopper beads firmly. You may choose to flatten only one or both stopper beads for extra secure. Lastly, cut away the excessive tail and you’re done!

Styling with Mask Chain

🌞 Your finished art piece can be styled in multiple ways: mask chain / glasses chain / necklace / bracelet. Meanwhile its main function is to keep your mask close to you all the time in an aesthetically looking way. For more styling tips, follow us at instagram @weenjoysimplicity .