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Asa Scrunchie w/ Pouch Set


Asa 麻 Collection

Light, Breezy, and Unites.


The set includes:

  • 1 Natural scrunchy
  • 1 Soil Stripe scrunchy
  • 1 Dark Navy scrunchy
  • 1 pouch (colour by random)


* Free with min. spending of RM180 on Asa 麻 Linen Collection only. Kindly add to cart to redeem (auto discounted at cart when min. order is met).

(Limited 1 set per order)




#madebywes #localmade

Made by a local housewife who has to retire early during COVID-19. Now sewing and making is her newfound hobby to pass her retirement time.

Presenting Asa 麻 Collection : “A collection that unites you and me. “

Asa 麻 Collection is inspired by WES’s brand philosophy – “less is more”, influenced by the Japanese minimalist movement. This collection is well designed to let you do more with less. WES believe you do not need a lot of clothes to create a lot of options. Just the right ones.

Asa 麻 Collection is made up of exquisite mixture of Linen, The aesthetic Japanese minimalist and Raya inspired styles. In a culture in which Malaysians are enamored with different races, Linen allows us to see an insightful combination of perspectives into what drives and unites us in the country altogether. In Asa 麻 Collection, WES ables to provide more in what you wear, and reconcile cultural desire.

We believe Linen has become a wardrobe staple for us when the days get longer, and for us to emerge and connect together.


Material: 30% Linen 70% Cotton

Shop our put-together look: N/A



Acceptance towards the degree of fabric sheerness and quality may vary upon the individual, our description context is written based on our sincerest personal judgement. Kindly refer to our product photos above for the closest colour to the actual product.

Size Guide



* Due to fabric stretchability and hand measuring practice, the measurement above may have +/-2cm difference which is an accepted difference by internationals and does not considered as defect. The actual measurement is subjected to the actual product received.

Care Tips

Wash in mild detergent and gentle washing only. Use netting for machine wash. Do not soak long hours. Room temperature water.

#Jewellery (Normal alloy, gold plating and silver plating)
Minimise sweat, chemical and water contact to prolong the alloy and plating colour. Clean your jewellery each and everytime after wearing them out.

#925 Silver Jewellery
In the case where it gets oxidised, clean using silver polishing cloth or toothpaste to immediately restore the colour.

#14K/24K Gold Jewellery
Use mild soap and water to remove oil build up, then dry it throughly with a clean soft cloth.

Minimize water contact. If caught on odour, let it air-dry in a sunny spot. If stained on leather shoe, use wet cloth for soft stain or stain remover for hard stain.

If stained, wash with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and air-dry.


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