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Mindfulness Box x Upcycle Scrunchie


Mindful Collection – September Episode

“Mindfulness for a good cause”



Item consist in Mindfulness Box x Upcycle Scrunchie:

  • 1 Mindful Unisex Face Mask
  • 1 Mindful Mask Chain – DIY Kit or Ready to Wear
  • 1 Upcycle Scrunchie Set (1 Pouch + 3 Scrunchie)

(Saved 10%)


Customize your Mindfulness Box below:
Mindful Unisex Reusable Face Mask
Mask Chain
#Upcycle Scrunchies Set

In stock


Presenting Mindful Collection: “Turn mindfulness into simplicity practice.”



Mindfulness Box is a special curated bundle of pandemic care necessity. A DIY kit of Mask Chain to allow you to enjoy a quality passing time while staying home, meanwhile your finished art piece helps to keep your face mask close to you everytime. A handmade mask that can be used on double masking as a cover for surgical masks. A scrunchie to tidy up your hair while you need to get work done / me time hour.


In this episode of Mindfulness Box, we’ve incorporated our in-house Upcycle Scrunchies, to serve as a reminder that you can create something mindful despite snags and flaws that life brings your way.



Shop our put-together items:

Mindful Collection By WES: Face MaskMask Chain / Upcycle Scrunchie (Click for product details)



Mask Chain

Matte Ivory
Matte Dust Blue
Matte Black

Midnight Black
Evening Grey
Daylight Pearl


#upcycle Scrunchie

The Feminine     –     The Neutral     –     The Knit

The Calmness     –     The Granola Set     –     The Beetroot Set



Acceptance towards the degree of fabric sheerness and quality may vary upon the individual, our description context is written based on our sincerest personal judgement. Kindly refer to our product photos above for the closest colour to the actual product.

Size Chart


Size (cm)F (unisex)

Mask Chain:

Length (cm)60

* Due to fabric stretchability and hand measuring practice, the measurement above may have +/-2cm difference which is an accepted difference by internationals and does not considered as defect. The actual measurement is subjected to the actual product received.

Care Tips


* Gentle machine wash and hang dry
* Warm iron only
* Do not tumble dry
* Do not bleach

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