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Kindly ensure that you have read and understand the Term’s & Condition’s at below:

※ Apparels under Sample Clearance mainly consist of our self manufactured design item in pre-improved sample version (good condition) / unique and unlaunch design from offline Pop by Jaya One pop up store (good condition / may have slight flaw) / unlaunch design which did not make it our collection launch due to stock issue (good condition).

※ Some item may be slightly flawed, but still under good wearable condition. Flaw content includes:

– Make up stains due to tried on by offline Pop customers / sample item worn by model for photo shooting purpose. However, removable with soap washing.

– Darken/colour lines from the inconsistent mixture of fibre thread during fabric threading process. These item was received in such condition in the first place, hence it was our rejected SKUs.

– Loose threads. Amendable.

– Other minor stain such as dust or other unknown. These item was received in such condition in the first place, hence it was our rejected SKUs.

– Jewellery: Darken spots but does not affect the overall appearance.

Kindly only place order if you do not mind the item condition.

※ No model photos provided.

※ Product measurement is provided for Apparels, Shoes and Bags. For Jewellery, we apologize for no measurement provided, however you may use our card size (7cm x 7cm) as a standard for size estimation.

※ Sample Clearance item are no longer eligible for return after sales.



※ Free shipping is NOT valid for all Sample Clearance Sales item, kindly follow the below shipping fee check out condition.



Mannequin Figure Measurement – Bust 84cm, Waist 64cm, Hips 84cm


Top 3 (RM29) – Length 78cm, Bust 120cm, Shoulder 53cm, Sleeve Length 54cm

Top 5 (RM19) – Length 56cm, Bust 100cm

Top 7 (RM19) – Length 54cm, Bust 82cm

Top 22 (RM39) – Length 63cm, Bust 96cm, Shoulder 42cm, Sleeve Length 58cm

Top 25 (RM22) – Length 40cm, Bust 86cm, Shoulder 34cm, Sleeve Length 36cm, Best Fit XS

Top 26 (RM15) – Length 43cm, Bust 64-84cm, Best Fit XS/S

Top 30 (RM35) – Length 42cm, Bust 98cm, Shoulder 41cm, Sleeve Length 26cm, Best Fit S, Padded Shoulder

Top 33 (RM9) – Length 61cm, Bust 90cm, Shoulder 46cm, Sleeve length 28cm. *Multiple black yellow dots stain.

Top 40 (RM35) – Length 64cm, Bust 108cm, Shoulder 45cm, Sleeve Length 22cm.

Top 41 (RM23) – Length 59cm, Bust 68-88cm.

Top 42 (RM23) – Length 59cm, Bust 68-88cm.

Top 43 (RM23) – Length 59cm, Bust 68-88cm.

Top 45 (RM37) – Length 57cm, Bust 90-110cm, Shoulder 40cm, Sleeve Length 23cm.

Top 46 (RM37) – Length 57cm, Bust 90-110cm, Shoulder 40cm, Sleeve Length 23cm.

Top 48 (RM35)- Length 68cm, Bust 60-70cm.

Top 50 (RM49) – Length 62cm, Bust 110cm, Shoulder 53cm, Sleeve Length 21cm.

Top 53 (RM25) Hanger Stretch Mark – Length 66cm, Bust 102cm, Shoulder 53cm, Sleeve Length 57cm

Top 54 (RM12) *Defect small hole beside label – Length 58, Bust 90 – 120, Shoulder 55, Sleeve length 55

Top 55 (RM35) *Watermark stain – Length 62, Bust 110, Shoulder 48, Sleeve length 46

Top 56 (RM35) – Length 71, Bust 90, Shoulder 55, Sleeve length 58

Outer 4 (RM62) – Length 68cm, Bust 96cm, Shoulder 37cm, Sleeve Length 56cm

Outer 5 (RM62) – Length 68cm, Bust 96cm, Shoulder 37cm, Sleeve Length 56cm

Additional information

Care Tips

Wash in mild detergent and gentle washing only. Use netting for machine wash. Do not soak long hours. Room temperature water.

#Jewellery (Normal alloy, gold plating and silver plating)
Minimise sweat, chemical and water contact to prolong the alloy and plating colour. Clean your jewellery each and everytime after wearing them out.

#925 Silver Jewellery
In the case where it gets oxidised, clean using silver polishing cloth or toothpaste to immediately restore the colour.

#14K/24K Gold Jewellery
Use mild soap and water to remove oil build up, then dry it throughly with a clean soft cloth.

Minimize water contact. If caught on odour, let it air-dry in a sunny spot. If stained on leather shoe, use wet cloth for soft stain or stain remover for hard stain.

If stained, wash with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and air-dry.


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