Your supportive purchases are what grow us better everyday, in return we want to reward all our loyal customer by giving out some special perks! Through collecting store credit points, you can now use your credit points to enjoy discount for your order.

Collect more to earn more discounts!

100 points = Discount RM1

How to collect more points?

There are many ways:

1) Register an account with us on our website: Welcome points +200 points

2) Make purchase with us: RM1 spent = 1 points

* Points will only be credited once the “completed” status is activated on your order

3) Share about us on Facebook: +50 points

How to use my store credit points?

Make sure you are signed in to your account before checking out your shopping cart. Once you’re signed in, a “store credit” bar will appear at your shopping cart near to the Total section. The system will automatically calculate how many store credit points you can apply to your current order, or else you can edit the number to a lower figure too if you do not wish to use it up all at once. Once you’ve confirm, just click “Apply”, and your total shall be reflected accordingly.

PS: Store credit points only apply to purchase items but not shipping fee.